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About La-D-Da

What began in the 2000s as a way to stitch on a budget has turned out to be a true blessing for me and for my family. I had a BFA in my pocket, two teenagers at home and had just started working in the office for my mom at a business she inherited when my dad passed away. She sent me to a computer class to learn how to update their office and when we bought a printer, it came with a cross-stitch program. My, my... so after a few years of working and playing cross-stitch on my lunch hour I released a hand full of leaflets. Kris Stott at Norden Crafts changed my life. She was willing to take on new designers and teach them the ropes. Thank you Kris.

So as I slowly had success at designing, I left my office job and set out on my own. I like to describe my style as whimsical and a little primitive. When my grandchildren were born I sang them songs and those songs found their way onto the graph, those designs are sprinkled throughout and remain precious to me because of the people they bring to mind and a smile!

I truly love the old school girl samplers and am inspired by them. They symbolize literacy in a day when most girls were not in a regular classroom. They also taught young girls a skill that could get them ahead of the rest. But they unleashed the creativity of a child - huge flowers, crazy houses, the world through the eyes of a child, most tucked away for many years, but recorded none the less for us to enjoy.

So join me on my journey to create lovely pictures that we can preserve through cross-stitch to remind others many years from now how simple life really is.

Happy stitching always,

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